Passing the Torch Teaching Videos

Having trouble with the whole God thing? How do you know when God is talking to you?  Has God tried to talk to me? Are these the last days/end times?  How do I get started in knowing the God of the Bible?  I'm not interested in religion, but I want to experience God myself, can you show me how?  My answer, Yes!!  Come grow with me!  I have known Jesus Christ for 37 years now and met him on the 6th floor of my college dorm and He's been with me ever since.  Let me pass the torch and show you what He has shown me!  Yes, I've been to Bible college, yes I've served in ministry and helped start churches, yes, I've been on missions trips BUT what qualifies me to teach you is one thing.  I know Him for myself and can teach you how to know Him too.  That's what is important.  So you are not here by accident.  Come along and be surprised how exciting and adventurous it is to know the One who created you!! 


Jean specializes in teaching the subjects:  'How Do I Know When God Is Talking To Me?"  "Biblical Teaching On Dreams And Visions",  and "The Gifts of the Spirit".  


She has a youtube channel  with 30 minute teaching videos called "Passing the Torch - with Jean Chamblee"