Welcome to my website!  I'm so glad you found your way here and I pray that what you read and hear will ignite something on the inside of you!  God has a beautiful plan for your life and I pray that you begin to see more of how much He loves you and is alive and working in the earth today!

I surrendered my life to the Lord at the age of 18 in 1980 and

I have not had one day of regret since I gave my life to Jesus! I have quite a few miraculous stories to tell beginning with my testimony.

 Once upon a time, I was a wild party girl.  As a freshman at the number one party school on the east coast, I almost lost my life to a drug overdose.  Jesus reached down and rescued not only my physical life, but my soul and destiny as well.

He supernaturally sobered me and then visited me with a dream of my destiny and delivered me into a brand new life in Him.  I had never heard of destiny, or known that God had such an interest in each life He created, but He does!  The good news is that He created us all with a unique and personal destiny, no one is exempt.  Nothing makes me happier than helping others to find their place in His kingdom!  To see someone experience a real and active relationship with the One that made them is so awesome!  By sharing my experiences and what God has done in my life, I hope to set a fire in each person that I am blessed to cross paths with.

A little more about me:

I was born in North Carolina in the early sixties and was raised in a traditional church, but I did not personally meet the Lord there.  I prayed to receive the Lord in my early teenage years at a Christian concert;  though without discipleship I quickly got off track.  A few years later I had a near death/heaven experience which I share in my testimony book along with many other wonderful and vibrant experiences with the Lord.  

I went to Bible college in Oklahoma and graduated in 1986.  Then moved to California where I had the opportunity to help  pioneer three churches and assisted in  co-pastoring one of them for eight years.  I also went on missions trips to Guatemala and the West Indies.  I  taught youth groups, women's ministries, street evangelism, church  services and was also a  worship leader for more than twelve years.

I then began to write and record my own original music and spent some time traveling, singing, and teaching.  Some of my music has been aired on Christian stations in Palm Springs, CA, England, and Russian satellite radio.  I published my testimony book in 2011 and continue to enjoy writing poetry and blogging.

I currently live with my husband in eastern North Carolina and we enjoy praying and street evangelism. I have a special burden on my heart to pass on what I have learned on my journey with God. At this time I do this through my video teachings, book, and blogs.

My hearts desire is especially towards helping people come to know the Lord in an intimate way, know the Word,  and to get closer to God. My passion for God has not dimmed over the years but burns even stronger as the time passes by. Our God is an awesome God!   My greatest joy is to share what God has shared with me and help people grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I pray that the contents of this website will be a blessing to you as you as you pursue God for your own life!

Much love,    Jean




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